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Entertainment centers :flat Screen TVs

Entertainment centers & flat Panel TVs

 Entertainment Centers or more commonly known as HTS (home theater systems), have recently taken off as a must have piece of furniture. With a wide variety of construction materials available and cheaper methods of construction they come at pretty cheap prices.

 Features of Entertainment center/ home theater systems

 Features of the entertainment center vary on the size of the unit and the amount you are paying. Depending on your systems they can be customized. Their construction come with a TV stand designed in it. The Stand generally takes the center stage and the rest of the design considerations are made around it.

The general features to look in an entertainment center are these:

  • A place for your gaming console.
  • A place for DVD/Blu-ray player
  • A place for your surround sound system

Some other features that you shouldn’t forget:

  • Cabinet to store some of your books, CD, DVDs, Blu-ray, photo albums etc.

Installing the Entertainment Center

You choose the entertainment center taking into consideration your Flat panel. The size of your Flat screen will determine the size of the center. In most homes, the entertainment center is situated is the room that is the center of attraction the maybe, the recreation room,  living room, family room, or bedroom. Sometimes entertainment centers come in separate sections with the TV stand in one piece and one or more cabinets or shelves.

To choose the entertainment center, first select where you would set it up in your home. It should be the room which has at least one open wall. In accordance with the wall measurements, first select the stand portion of the center. The stand has to be in agreement with the dimensions of you TV. Then you choose the side cabinets or shelves. They may be sold separately or be one whole unit.

Types of Home theater system

 Entertainment centers can be made of many different materials.

  • Boards
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Wood

It should be noted that the latter two is more expensive.

Entertainment centers now can come with built in surround sound system.

 Home theater systems have been made to produce the home cinema effect. The surround sound, gaming console/ system, smart TVs, overhead projectors have all been made into one big unit to give the ultimate experience in home cinema. So in choosing your entertainment center you have a lot of choices, which one would fit you the best is a decision taken best being informed.