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Cheetah mounts aptmm2b flat screen tv wall mount bracket 32 65 inch plasma led lcd tv

One of the most versatile TV mounts to hit the scene, the cheetah mount aptmm2b for flat screen TV wall mount takes the cake. Its many accommodating features allow it to sit at top of the selling charts and remain a crowd favorite. Its slimming and minimalist design has its skeptics who at first look can dismiss it as not able to live up to its claims, but upon using this mount they were proved wrong. Therefore what are its many qualifications that make it the best out there?

One of the cheapest mount out there.

The price of this flat screen tv mount catches your attention instantly. With a list price of $40.00 and discounted prices coming down to $28.00 budget wise it is a sound investment. If you are getting this from amazon even with free shipping on a good discount day you could be getting it for at least $25.00. If you are thinking of buying used mounts then you could get it even cheaper costing approximately $20.00.

Fits all types of flat screens.

Well almost all types. It can easily mount TVs from normal 32” sized flat screen to 65” behemoths with ease up to VESA 694 x 400. Covering 32” – 65” is covers most of the available flat screens, one of its versatile features.


The flush tilt in designed to be only 1.3” from the wall. This allows for maneuvering/tilting that gives us reduced glare.


It can hold up to a whopping 165 lbs. or (75 kg.: if you are into the metric system). That is actually a lot for a mount with such a light construction. It weighs only 5 pounds itself. That gives it a carrying ratio of 33:1. i.e. can carry up to 33 times its own weight.

It is stronger than previous designs and utilizes less material. According to amazon it is GREEN.

Easy to Install.

The mount is a peach when it comes to installation. Should not take more than 20-30 mins approx..

Installing this mount is one of the easiest thing to do.

Free stuff

It comes with a 10” twisted veins Ethernet HDMI cable (Braided).

A 6”  3-axis Magnetic Bubble Level. Comes with super handy to level the mount. No more need for –“a little to the left” stuff.

When comes to choosing this mount and other, this product form cheetah always comes on top.

Check out cheetah mount aptmm2b.

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