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Oak TV Stands: Flat Screen

Oak TV stands for Flat screen come in a wide range of styles and designs. They go great with modern and contemporary design or the more traditional English and American gentry.

The natural oak grain is beautiful and only need to be enhanced by design and a great finish. Maintenance of only three to four times a year with natural furniture wax keeps the stunning finish of the TV stands for decades.

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Oak TV stands & Flat screen/panel go together greatly forming a unit within the living room or where ever they are placed.


Solid Oak Entertainment Center
Oak TV stands

Where to go shopping for

solid Oak TV stand for flat screens

Some of the biggest and best manufacturers of oak TV stands are:

  • Homestyles
  • Sauder
  • Southern Enterprises
  • Winsome Wood
  • Avf
  • Leick
  • Simple Connect
  • TDM

There are also Amish built oak TV stands that are also sought after.

What Oak brings to the table!

Great strength, hardness and a luster finish are all the properties imbued in the wood of the oak tree. It is one of the great hardwoods beside teak, mahogany, rosewood and walnut.

Solid Oak is a strong and heavy, light colored hardwood. The oak has a coarse texture and conspicuous grain because of its large pores and prominent rings. Oak is a very popular choice for furniture making in English and American country designs.

Oak hardwood furniture is long lasting with a great finish that can last for decades. Solid Oak TV stands/ cabinets add to a very classical aristocratic look to the décor of the room.

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Quality oak furniture is heavy owing to the dense nature of the wood. It lends a very heavy presence itself to the room where it is set. They can withstand great loads without bending on pressure or cracking

One of the great features of Oak wood TV stand is that it is resistant to insect and fungal attacks.

Not all Oak is for you.

Buying oak wood furniture can be tricky. The buyer must always be well informed about the properties of the wood. Since the TV is always the center point of which ever room it is in, the stand must be in coherence with the scheme of the room.

Flat Panels come in many sizes and colors. If You Flat panel is Silver and contrast is what you are going for, then a stained black oak finish is what you should pick. There are innumerable choices to make.

Know your Oak Wood

There are different types of products for oak wood TV stands.

  • Natural oak wood
  • Tiger oak wood
  • Pippy oak wood
  • Burr oak wood
  • Bog oak wood

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Natural oak wood has brown finish running along the length of the plank

NaturalOak1.jpg  600×475
Alternative light and dark shades.


Tiger oak wood has stripes and is similar to brown oak.

Dark Thick stripes resemble that of a tiger

Its distinct stripes come from a unique sawing pattern.


Pippy oak wood has imprints that resemble cat’s paws.

Paw print markings clearly visible


Burr oak wood is much denser than Pippy oak wood, but is similar in appearance.

Light streaks make distinctive pattern


Bog oak wood is the rarest type of oak out there. In reality it is not a specific species It is obtained after it has been in the peat bog for hundreds of years, maybe even thousands. Thus it is also the most expensive oak. Bog oak wood has a naturally dark color.

bog wood
Dark exotic bog wood pattern